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Fantasy General Election

In hugely exciting news for fans of politics-themed fantasy football games, I am thrilled to be able to confirm that General Fantasy Election Football (or Fantasy General Election, as we’re now calling it) will return in 2024.

(Or if everything falls apart and there’s a vote in 2023, it’ll be then – obviously).

Even more excitingly, this time we’ve been joined by an actual web designer (called Sam) to work on the UI, and she’s done an incredible job!

What’s Actually Going On?

Two of my favourite things are politics (I did a degree in it) and silly games, which I did not do a degree in, but probably would have done were such a qualification available at the time.

Before the last general election, I was trying to think of ways to bring these two passions together, and that’s when FGE was born.

The team selection page for Fantasy Election 2024. On the right is an in-development list of seats and candidates, and on the left is a football pitch which political party-themed football shirts in formation
A sneak preview of what we’re working on for 2024 – or whenever it’s going to be

The idea is really simple: Players pick a team of 11 Westminster parliamentary candidates, and score points based on how they do at the ballot box.

You’ll score points if their majority goes up, lose points if it goes down, and if your candidate manages to unseat an incumbent MP – you’ve hit the jackpot.

Fantasy General Election Football 2019

With just a few weeks to go until the 2019 general election, I brought together a couple of my nerdiest political mates to help plan the site.

It was all a bit last minute, but we managed to put something together and launch it on Twitter – with over 1,300 people signing up to play.

We were pretty pleased with this, considering how little time we had to make it; but we’re determined to go much bigger next time around.

We’ve got time to plan, I’m much better and building websites, we’ve all made friends with a few more journalists and, thanks to our professional web designer, the site looks incredible.

If you’re interested in helping out, or you’d like to find out a bit more about Fantasy General Election 2024, please feel free to get in touch on Twitter.