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Who’d Have Fjord It?

A few years ago, before the Covid-19 pandemic, some old uni mates and I decided to go curling.

There was no particular reason to be honest. We just thought it would be a laugh – and we were right.

In fact, we loved it so much, we decided that we wanted to go curling again. However, unfortunately we ran into a problem.

During the Covid 19 pandemic our nearest curling rink, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, shut down. As in forever. It’s not opening up again.

That meant that the only dedicated curling rink left in England was in Preston, and with the greatest of respect to the people of Preston we weren’t really that bothered.

So, instead we decided to challenge a team from the most successful winter olympic nation of all time – Norway.


Having decided to take on the Norwegians, we ran into our second problem:

As soon as they found out that we weren’t very good, none of the Norwegian curling teams we contacted were interested in playing us.

But, once again, we had a cunning plan up our sleeves. I built a website – curlfornorway.com – and ran a series of Instagram adverts in the Oslo area, challenging literally any Norwegian person to sign up and take us on in a curling match.

Amazingly, it worked, and within the space of week we’d arranged a match against four of Norway’s finest amateur curlers, and one very special guest.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full film, which is coming out Autumn 2023, to find out how we did.